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Witnessing as a way of life

Two Necessary Habits in Way of Life Witnessing A. The habit of taking advantage of natural opportunities. (Divine appointments). Case Study: Alex was walking home from playing football with some friends and on his way came across a man having trouble with his motorcycle. Alex stopped to help him and repaired the problem quickly.

Witnessing as a Way of Life Leadership Clinic Ipil Alliance Evangelical Church Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay Date: August 16-19, 2022 Register Here:.

The basic preparation for witnessing is a personal encounter with Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord and a continuing relationship with Him. To present Jesus effectively, every soul winner must experience Christ’s presence in his own life, there should be quality time for reading the Bible and for earnest prayer and meditation..

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There are three promises Jesus offers to repentant sinners which are totally foreign to most Catholics. They are: 1) the complete forgiveness of sins; 2) the imputation of His perfect righteousness; and 3) the assurance of eternal life. These promises are foreign to Catholics because their church opposes them with a vengeance.

Sep 05, 2013 · We need both the walk and the talk. 1. To be wise witnesses, walk with wisdom. “Walk” is a metaphor for steady a way of life that is headed in a particular direction. “Wisdom” in the Old Testament comes from a word for “skill.”. It is used to describe the craftsmen who built the tabernacle ( Exod. 36:1, 2 )..

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